Can listening continually to rock and roll music hurt a person?


Not only continually. Even once in a while, it will murder a man! ובמושב לצים לא ישב – “You shouldn’t sit in the company of leitzim, mockers” (Tehillim 1:1). And rock and roll is nothing but foolish leitzonus. It’s rocking and rolling! When people do anything that reshaim do, it’s a tremendous yeridah, a big downfall for them. You should never have any connection with the ways of the reshaim. אל תשמח ישראל אל גיל כעמים – Yisroel, do not rejoice in the ways that the gentiles rejoice” (Hoshea 9:1). We have our own ways.

And therefore, chas vesholom! Even opera you shouldn’t listen to, it’s garbage! There’s nothing to it! It’s as silly as can be! There is no meaning to it at all. Therefore, whatever is gentile is not for us. We have our own ways of improving our minds and enjoying life.
TAPE # 796

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