How can we eat a big seudah with simcha on Rosh Hashana when we’re being judged and our fate is in the balance?


And the answer is that a very important part of the judgment of Rosh Hashana is our belief in the kindliness of Hashem.  When people are not convinced כי חפץ חסד הוא, that Hashem wants kindliness, they’re making such a fundamental error that it’s a big sin itself.  

You do your share and Hakodosh Boruch Hu will do His. So Rosh Hashana you go to shul and while the chazzan is singing tra-la-la with his choir, you’re thinking of teshuva.  You’re repenting and you’re deciding you’re going to change your way in life.  You do your best! And now when you come home, you can sit down and eat a sumptuous repast knowing Hakodosh Boruch Hu will do the best with you too.

It’s very important to trust in Hashem even on Rosh Hashana.

TAPE # 801 (September 1990)

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