Is it better to face my troubles head-on or to try to run away from them?


And the answer is that nobody should ever look for trouble. Any troubles that you could avoid, you should do so. Sometimes however, it is something that has to be solved. It depends on the situation. For example, let’s say that parnasa is the problem. You can’t just avoid the problem of making a living. You have to go get a job. You have to look for parnasa, that’s all. You can’t just avoid it and run away from it.

And therefore, it depends on the problem. Those problems that deserve to be solved, have to be solved. Those problems that should be ignored, should be ignored. Let’s say you’re wife spoke harshly to you. Or she shouts at you, sometimes. That’s a problem that you can ignore. Forget about it. That’s not a problem at all. Many things are not problems at all and those things should be ignored.

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