When Hashem informed Avrohom and Soroh that they would have a child it seems like they doubted it – they both laughed. But then Soroh is criticized and Avrohom is not. What was the difference?


Actually they did not doubt it. The questioner is saying that Avrohom laughed; he fell on his face and laughed when the good tidings came to him. And later it states that Sarah laughed and Soroh was chided for laughing. Hakodosh Boruch Hu told Avrohom to rebuke her for laughing. But Avrohom also laughed?

And the answer is this: From Avrohom’s laughter we’ll also understand Soroh’s laughter. When Avrohom laughed it was because to him the promise of Hakodosh Boruch Hu was exactly the same as if it had been fulfilled. It was the same as if it had already taken place – his trust in Hashem’s word caused him to feel as if he already had a son. Like it states אז ימלא שחוק פינו – Then, when the Redemption comes, our mouths will be full of laughter. What will be laughing about then – we’ll laugh in skepticism? No, we’ll laugh because we’ll see our dreams being fulfilled in front of our eyes and we’ll be so happy that we won’t be able to contain ourselves. Avrohom had so much understanding that דבר ה’ לא ישוב ריקם, that the word of Hashem will be fulfilled in its entirety, that he laughed because he was seeing it already fulfilled long before it happened.

Soroh also laughed not because of skepticism; but she laughed as somebody does when she hears what’s going to happen; not what happened already. The difference between Soroh’s laughing and Avrohom’s laughing was in a certain degree of confidence. Certainly she was assured that it would take place, she was rejoicing in the future happiness. It’s like we know that Moshiach will come and let’s say we would rejoice right now in that fact; but it won’t compare to the joy that will take place when Moshiach actually comes.

So Soroh rejoiced in what will take place and Avrohom rejoiced in what already took place as far as he’s concerned. That’s the only difference. But both of them had full faith that this would happen. Soroh was only criticized because the very great people are rebuked for even the most minor deficiencies.

TAPE # 259

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