Rav Avigdor Miller on Satmerers and Lubavitchers Holding Hands

What’s going to happen to the Lubavitcher chassidim, and to the Satmerer chassidim, and to the Belzer chassidim, when Moshiach will come? 

That’s a question that’s too big for me to answer. But one thing I will tell you though. This will happen – they will all be happy. They will all rejoice! No question about it, they’ll all be together in happiness. And they will hold hands, and dance together around Moshiach. No question about that! This I can guarantee you.

The only question is, what nussach will they daven? Nussach S’fard, or Nussach Ashkenaz? I think there will have to be a showdown there. And there will be a Sanhedrin then, and the Sanhedrin will say that we should all come back to the original nussach. The original nussach? What’s the original nussach, that’s the problem. What was the original nussach? The אנשי כנסת הגדולה made only one nussach; they didn’t make ten different נוסחאות.

So at that time, we’ll come back to the original nussach, and everybody will find out that he’s making some mistakes. Everybody is saying something wrong – but not much, since we’re יוצא anyways. But in the time of Moshiach, we’re going to come back to one nussach together. And then ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד ושמו אחד. Everyone will call out to the one Hashem, with the same language, the same nussach, of tefillah.

TAPE # 810 (December 1990)