Rabbi Miller always tells us that this world is a wonderful world of benefits. But if so, why did Rabbeinu Hakodosh praise himself by saying that he didn’t benefit from this world at all (Kesuvos 104a)? 


If Olam Hazeh is a good thing then why did Rabbeinu Hakodosh praise himself before he died by saying that he hadn’t had any hana’ah from this world at all? And the answer is that that is one of the benefits of being in this world. That’s one of the reasons this world is such a good thing! You’re living in this world of so much good and so many benefits and you have to train yourself to say no to yourself. And to say no to yourself is a tremendous hatzlacha.

In the next world it will be too late. There will be no more opportunities to say no to yourself. No more opportunities for greatness. In this world you can still say no to yourself. I want to do it but I won’t! “Oh,” Hashem says, “Now you’re utilizing this world!” Because that’s what this world is for.
TAPE 143 (October 1976)

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