How does one acquire אמונה חושית, tangible belief in Hashem? 


Well, we were talking about that tonight. Listen to what was said and think it over; that’s one of the ways.

However, another one of the ways is תפילה. The more you talk to Hakodosh Boruch Hu with all your heart, the more Hakodosh Boruch Hu allows you to feel that way. That’s very important.

Say כי אתה שומע – “You Hashem are listening to me. You Hashem, You!” So Hashem says, “Ohhh, you’re saying that, and you mean it, so I’m going to make you feel that I’m listening to you.” כי אתה שומע – “You are listening to me, Hashem!” And Hashem says, “Ohhh, that’s wonderful when you say that.” Because many people are saying these words, and they’re not even listening to what they’re saying. It’s a tragedy.

So train yourself to think about the word אתה when you talk to Hashem. ברוך אתה השם – “I bend me knees to You Hashem. To You! You! “You” is a terrible word! Where do you get the boldness to say “You” to Hashem?! But He gives you permission. He gives you permission because you’re his child, you’re his son. So you say, “You Hashem.” Only that you have to think about it. By saying, “You Hashem,” you’ll gain אמונה חושית.

Now, there are other ways too, but תפילה is one of the great ways, if done properly.

TAPE # E-176 (May 1999)

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