In one of your talks, you discredited the idea of going to psychologists because they are not Torah based. What alternative is there for one with emotional problems?


What alternative can I offer instead of going to psychologists?

Now if a psychologist is a ben Torah, so despite the fact that he studied psychology, he is capable of giving advice.  

However if you are seeking someone who is free of psychology, it was mentioned here already once that you should look for an old Chassidishe rebbe.  Not a big one because he has no time for you, but a small local old Chassidishe rebbe because he’s accustomed to dealing with people. 

If you can get an old rosh yeshiva to bother with you – he doesn’t have any time, that’s the problem – that’s the best thing.  An old rosh yeshiva, he knows human nature.  

But all talmidei chachamim, those are the ones who will best advise you.

However, I spoke about this already.  They’re not going to waste much time on you because they have other things to do.  So you have to find ways and means of inducing them because they have to dole out their time to many people and they can’t sit down for one hour with you.  So you have to find ways and means of inducing them.

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It has often been mentioned here that there’s a danger in seeing psychologists and psychiatrists.  Where should frum people go for help with their emotional problems?


Now this has been mentioned a number of times.  Boruch Hashem we are an am chacham v’navon.  The Jewish nation is blessed with talmidei chachomim.  There are people who have a lot of experience in dealing with others.  There are bnei Torah; there are a lot of roshei yeshiva. If you live in Brooklyn you are especially privileged and there is no lack of people to whom you can go.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to take up their time to sit a whole hour with them.  These people can tell you in a few minutes what you need to know. Now, who do I recommend?  I’m not going to molest any good man and have a landslide on him; but boruch Hashem there are very many.

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