Rav Avigdor Miller on Shabbos and Yetzias Mitzraim

In Kiddush on Friday night we say that Shabbos is “zeicher li’yitzias Mitzraim.” In what way is Shabbos supposed to remind us of Yetzias Mitzraim?

Shabbos teaches us that Hashem chose us to be His people. We, the Am Yisroel, were chosen to be the people who testify to the truth of Mai’saeh Bereishis by keeping Shabbos. “Atem Eidai,” Hashem said. We are His eidim who testify to the truth of His existence and to His creation of the world from nothing. And when were we chosen? We were chosen in Mitzraim. At Yetzias Mitzraim we were chosen. “Shalach es b’ni,” Hashem said. That’s the first time Hashem said that. At Yetzias Mitzraim, Hashem called the Am Yisroel “my son.” He chose us in Mitzraim. And he chose us for what? “Shalach es b’ni vi’ya’avduni.” Send out my nation so that they should serve me. My son should serve me. So at Yetzias Mitzraim, Hashem chose us to serve him. It says it openly. Send them out to serve me. So we were chosen at Yetzias Mitzraim for this job – for celebrating Shabbos and thereby testifying to the bri’yah yesh mei’ayin and to the Chesed Hashem and Chochmas Hashem that is so evident in the Mai’saeh Bereishis. And that’s one of the aspects of Zeicher Li’yitzias Mitzraim that we think about every Shabbos.

TAPE #E-229