What should a wife do if her husband is never happy and satisfied with her?


So, I’ll turn back the pages of my old book and I’ll repeat some advice. First of all, she should fulfill the sage council that I said here years ago: “Keep your mouth closed and smell good.” I once met a man – he gave me a lift in his car.  He was riding with his wife and he gave me a lift. “You know,” he said, “My wife once heard you speak – when you gave that advice – and she’s fulfilling 50% of that.”  

Now, if people would only follow the dictates of common sense – women have to know that it’s important to put up a good appearance. Woman should spend time on their appearance, that’s number one. And secondly, they should keep their mouth closed as much as possible.

Now, if a husband despite that is not satisfied, you should know that he is a native crank and nothing will help. And so, you’ll have to live out your life and bear it. You’ll get Olam Habah for tolerating him.

But I don’t believe that this will be the result.  I’m sure if one party makes a big effort, then the other party will respond. It’s only because two parties engage in the quarrel — it always takes two to make a machlokes.  And if one makes a real concerted effort, then it’s certain that the other party will be influenced.
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