How can we best show appreciation to our parents for all they have done for us?  


That’s a very big job so first get busy on one project.  You can’t do everything so start with one project.  If you’re a girl, see to it that your mother should do as little housework as possible.  That’s a very good beginning for girls.  See to it that you serve the food and your mother should be the one sitting at the Shabbos table. 

If you’re a boy, do at least one thing.  I don’t believe in telling you to do everything at once because then it’s all lost; you won’t do anything.  So if you’re a yeshiva man, when you come home make it your chore to do something. You carry down the garbage.  Do one thing! Wash your own dishes at least.  You finish breakfast, wash your own plate. Wash your own knife and spoon.

That’s enough for the first week.  Then you come see me next week and I’ll tell you the next step.  

TAPE # 62

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