Rav Avigdor Miller on Slavery in the 21st Century (Part 3)

You said tonight that we should disconnect from American society. But how do we do that at the same time that we are expected to be loyal citizens to this country?

You have to divorce yourself from all the stupidity and wickedness of American society. No question about it. “Sur mei’rah.” As much as possible you should de-Americanize yourself. Be a good citizen. Yes, be a loyal citizen. Do all the things that a loyal citizen is supposed to do. Except for being influenced by the American society.

Too many things have seeped into our heads from the wickedness of the outside world and we have to realize that being a loyal citizen does not mean that you should, in any way, let yourself or your family be influenced.

We don’t even realize how affected we are. Many people have a habit of talking on the telephone. They sit on the phone and talk. A slave to the phone. Get rid of the telephone habit. A waste of time. And who knows what people say on the phone to each other?! Who knows what type of useless and wicked words are exchanged?! How can one accomplish in life if all of your precious time is being wasted?!

Many people are slaves to travel. Even to Eretz Yisroel. Back and forth. Back and forth. What do you need it for? Why are you going to Eretz Yisroel? Who needs you there? Take all the money that you’re spending on travelling and send it to the talmidei chachomim there. Trust me, they’ll appreciate the money more than your visits. They don’t need you there. You stay here and use the time to learn Torah.

TAPE #E-182