What would the Rav give as an עצה, some advice, to conquer his temptation to sleep?


The answer is – don’t conquer it. Make sure you go to sleep every night on time. Sleep eight hours every night. The trouble is that people don’t sleep enough. And then they start to break down, and they go to psychologists and they get medicines and סי טויג אויף כפרות – it’s not worth it. It’s counterproductive to not get enough sleep.

Sleep is very important. It’s more important than food. It’s more important than vitamins. It’s so important to sleep. I can tell you from experience. I know so many people, so many fine people, young people, who ruined their careers of serving Hashem by not sleeping.

Now, some צדיקים, are very strong. And they can get along with less sleep. But don’t begin to suspect that you’re the one. Don’t think that you’re the one.

TAPE # E-224

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