If a ba’al teshuva is a shomer shabbos but he still smokes marijuana is he still considered a frum Jew?


Yes – he is considered a frum stupid Jew. Frum Jews in insane asylums are also frum Jews. He’s a meshugener – certainly; he’s a meshugener frum Jew. If a frum Jew was cutting off his fingers every day; every day one finger he cuts off, he’s still a frum Jew. But he’s a meshugener – he’s killing himself.

Of course it’s a sin. But frum Jews who do sins are still frum Jews. And therefore anybody who doesn’t take care of his health; he causes himself to become ill, so he should know that Hakodosh Boruch Hu is angry at him and He’s going to take retribution from him eventually – either in this world or in the next world. But we still have to consider as a frum Jew.

TAPE # E-25 (September 1995)

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