How is it that we permit ourselves in America to talk English?  


This question I waited for a long time already. Great kashe. Believe me, it’s a big kashe. I myself, at home, we never speak English. No. All my years, only Yiddish in my house.  That’s all.

When I was in Chaim Berlin, I never spoke English at all.  To the bochurim I spoke only Yiddish in Chaim Berlin.  

But when I came to this neighborhood, in this neighborhood I discovered a whole treasury of people who were Sefardim; they didn’t know any Yiddish.  Beautiful people!  Excellent people!  Once upon a time, at this Thursday night lecture it was all Sefardim.  That’s why I switched to English. 

In general, if I’m invited to speak someplace I don’t want to speak English. Anyplace else, only Yiddish.  But here because of my many good friends, the Sefardim, and some baalei teshuvas too who don’t know Yiddish, so I speak English.

But I’m telling you, it’s always libi nokfi – it bothers me very much. I would love it if I could speak Yiddish every week right here on Thursday night. But then I’d lose some of my good friends.  So I can’t help it, that’s all.

But don’t learn from me.  Don’t learn from me!  שלא שינו את לשונם! Don’t change your loshon!  

TAPE # E-124

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