Tonight the Rav stressed the ma’alah of speaking Yiddish. Is speaking Hebrew as big of a ma’alah as speaking Yiddish?


Well, that depends. Yiddish was our national language in Europe. And it was an integral factor in keeping us separate from the goyim and their attitudes. But to speak Hebrew? It could be that you’re a Hebraist. It could be that you want to be like the Zionists. And if it’s because of that, then it doesn’t pay. No, it doesn’t pay at all.

Now, if you’re speaking Hebrew li’sheim shamayim – which is not so easy – then why not? Lashon kodesh is a good language to speak. But some people do it because it’s done in Medinas Yisroel. No, that’s not right. Not at all.
TAPE # E-256 (January 2001)

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