Many rabbonim say we should not discuss in public why the churban of Hitler happened.  Why do you, Rabbi Miller, think it is important to discuss it?


And the answer is this:  Because it’s one of the most frequent questions against the emunah.  The public has the impression that everybody in Europe was an observant Jew and therefore there’s the argument, “That’s what happens to observant Jews.”  And then there’s another argument:  “In America they’re not observant and it didn’t happen.” 

And so it’s important to defend the honor of Hakodosh Boruch Hu and explain to people that in Europe it was much worse than America.  Not that there was less observance, no.  Less observance than America is hard to find.  But in Europe, the people were throwing away the Torah more rapidly than any other place.  They had just two generations ago kept everything and now they had revolted against the Torah violently!  Not like American ignorami who went to public school and never learned anything and they became goyim because of the environment.  These Jews in Europe learned to hate Judaism.  Not all of them, but there were so many of them that it became a wave of revolt against the Torah.

And Reb Elchonon Wasserman zichrono livracha said, “The Jews in Europe declared war on Hashem.” And he said, “And now He has declared war on them.  And that’s why He’s sending His armies against them.”

So therefore, if you won’t speak in this vein, the people will remain with their fatal error and they’ll think that the Jews in Europe were all perfect and they were unjustly visited with retribution.

TAPE # 277

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