Rav Avigdor Miller on Stay At Home Moms

Should mothers stay home with their children?  If that’s the case, so what about Kollel women?

I suppose what you mean to ask is: Should Kollel women go out to work even if it means that they will have to leave their children with somebody else? Now this question depends on the circumstances. It’s impossible to give a one size fits all answer. Certainly mothers should take care of their children. But, should a mother hand them over to someone else in order to keep her husband in the Kollel? It depends on circumstances. Up until a certain age, certainly. Because, little children, when they’re very young, as long as you put them into a very good environment, it doesn’t make much difference. But after a certain age, it depends. Sometimes the bigger children need special attention and sometimes they need less attention; like I said before it depends on individual circumstances. So I cannot tell you anything unless we would know the circumstances of each case.
TAPE # 214 (April 19