Rav Avigdor Miller on Stop Smoking Today



How can one cut down on smoking?  


And the answer is as follows.  He gets up in the morning and the first thing is he makes biur chametz – hegets rid of any cigarettes in the house.  He destroys all the cigarettes in the house. And then he makes a neder or a shevuah that he’s not going to smoke today up until 1:00 today.  Up until 1:00 it’s possible to refrain; you should swear.  Only that you should say it like this: “If I smoke today before 1:00 , it will cost me $1000.”

So now this man, his temptation is not too great because he knows that there’s still a way out. It’s somewhat expensive but still he could get a way out. So he’ll train himself to wait until 1:00. At 1:00 he says “It’s wonderful! I feel so good!” So  he can try further. He can say, “I swear I won’t smoke until 4:00 unless I’ll pay $1000.” At 4:00 he feels still better and he can do it again. At 9:00 at night he does the same thing again.  And then he goes to sleep and one day, a perfect day, has passed. 

Let him repeat that every day with that same protocol. The shevuah is only for a limited time and it’s not a total abstinence because when you know something is forever forbidden so the yetzer hara is working on you.  But since you know it’s only a temporary thing, it’s only up until 4:00, and even if I want beforehand so I’ll spend $1000, so it can be done. And so that’s the way to conquer the yetzer hara of smoking.  If you want some more advice, speak to me privately.

TAPE # 485