Should a yeshiva bochur who is busy learning, use his time to study Niflaos Ha’Borei?


A yeshiva bochur should learn the Sha’ar Ha’bechina in Chovos Ha’levavos and he will surely know that he must study the Niflaos Ha’Borei. It’s not even a question.
Now, how to study it and when to study it, is a separate question. One of the places is from the Chovos Ha’levavos himself. Another place is from your own common sense. Once a person learns the Chovos Ha’levavosSha’ar Ha’bechina, his eyes open up and he begins to see that the world is full of miraculous things. And it’s right in front of your eyes. You don’t need any books. You don’t need to go to the libraries. Once you are willing to open your eyes and use your mind, you’ll be able to write your own books. But you can’t succeed if you allow your mind to be lazy.

And there are so many opportunities when you are not learning. The opportunities are endless if you use your time wisely. While you are walking, while you are eating. All it takes is common sense and training of the mind to recognize Hashem in the bri’yah. There are so many opportunities to look at the bri’yah and to recognize Niflaos Ha’Borei. So it’s not even a question of taking away time from learning, because the opportunities are endless.

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