When I take my child fishing is it better to emphasize the idea of tza’ar ba’alei chayim or to emphasize the concept that it is a zchus for the fish to be eaten by an oived Hashem who will use the energy obtained, to serve Hashem?


First of all, who takes children fishing?! I never did! It doesn’t say that Yankev Avinu took his children fishing. Recreational fishing is only an imitation of the gentiles. Gentiles go fishing so you’re also a Gentile who goes fishing too. No, it’s not right. There are better things than going fishing.

You can take a walk with your child and look at the grass. And say to him, “This is your wool winter coat.” “My coat?” he’ll say, “What do you mean?” Yes, the sheep eats grass and turns it into wool. Can you imagine such a machine? You put in grass and it produces wool for you. Actually, you are grass. Your mother ate meat which came from animals that grew from eating grass. Yes, a cow is a miracle. You put in grass and it produces meat and milk. All that grass becomes meat on your plate and the milk in your refrigerator. So your mother drank milk and ate meat. And your mother made you. So if you explain it to your child and explain it again to your child slowly, he begins to hear the nifla’os ha’Boirei.

But to go fishing? The whole concept is an imitation of the gentiles. So you’ll have to think of a better idea than going fishing.

TAPE #E-255

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