Is it proper for a man to amass a big sum of money in order to make sure that his children should be able to spend their lives studying Torah?


Now, in the Gemara it says as follows:  הוא ללמוד ובנו ללמוד – There’s a question being posed: Who should learn? He should learn or his son should learn? And the answer given there is, הוא קודם – he comes before his son.  If you have two persons, you and your son, and there’s a certain fund that could support one of you in the kollel, what should you do?  Should you say, “My son, you go learn”?  Nothing doing!  You say, “My son, I’m going to make use of the money and you get busy and fend for yourself.”  Unless the father has no head, then it’s a different story, but otherwise the father comes first.
TAPE # 224

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