Rav Avigdor Miller on Suspecting Hakodosh Boruch Hu

I just found out that a former classmate of mine just passed away. He was only twenty-one years old. What should my thoughts be when I begin to question why Hashem would do such a thing?

And the answer is, that you must know that צדיק ה׳ בכל דרכיו. Hashem is right in whatever He does. In this case, I couldn’t tell you anything without knowing your friend. But I could tell you many stories, where I did understand something. A little something, I was able to understand.

Here’s a man – a beautiful man. A strong, tall man. A good learner. A tchachke he was. Something special. A real תכשיט. And then he became ill – a cripple. And he died young too. Nobody know why.

Now, I also don’t know why. But I have one hava-mina. I have a סברא  for why he died young. I have a good סברא. Because I dealt with him once. He had a כלה. He had a new bride. And right after the חופה  he said he doesn’t want her anymore. I visited him. I said, “How can it be? You’re ruining the girl! You chose her. You chose this girl. And her parents spent a small fortune on the חתונה. And right after the חופה, you don’t want her anymore?!” “No,” he says. He doesn’t like her. Well, I didn’t win. And there was a divorce. It was a tragedy. And I think that it was a very big crime that he committed. Nobody knows why, but I think that’s the reason. He ruined her. Now, I wouldn’t go publicize it, but I believe that’s the reason.

If I would know the details, who knows what I could discover! I know a case of a young man who was in YU. It was a Yeshiva from the olden days. It was the only Yeshiva in those days. He died young and nobody knows why he died young. I think I know. Because I know the story. I knew him well. He was once talking to a divorced woman. To a young divorcee. And he became too familiar with her. And I know, that he had business with that young divorced woman. And she didn’t have a get. She didn’t have a Jewish divorce. She was still an אשת איש. And nobody else knows about it, but I do know. He was a son of a very fine family. And he died young.

So if I knew, maybe I could tell you. Maybe. And sometimes, it’s a צדיק  who dies young. That also could be. הקדוש ברוך הוא  knows why He did it. He has plenty of good reasons. Whatever it is, don’t suspect הקדוש ברוך הוא  of doing anything that’s not proper. צדיק ה׳ בכל דרכיו וחסיד בכל מעשיו. And when you come to the Next World, then you’ll discover all the secrets.

TAPE #E-169