In tonight’s lecture you said that there is no chance to repent or better yourself after death. If that’s the case, how do souls get cleansed of their sins? 


It’s a good question. And the answer is that in the Next World there is no opportunity to repent, but there is an opportunity to be cleansed – and there’s a big difference.  If a man repents while he’s still alive, he saves himself a very big amount of discomfort. And if he doesn’t, and instead he waits for the next world, so he’s going to go have to make a trip to the expert cleaning shop. They have all kinds of fluids there, all kinds of cleansing agents that do a good job. But they’re very sharp. They clean him; but they’ll they burn. And therefore it’s much better if a person does the job himself in this world.
TAPE # 136

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