Rav Avigdor Miller on Thanksgiving, Turkey and Avodah Zarah

What would the Rav say that our attitude should be towards the holiday of Thanksgiving?

Our attitude is the same as it is towards any other gentile religious festival. Because that’s what Thanksgiving is. Even though Thanksgiving is accepted by the government authorities as a legal holiday, nevertheless, it is a religious holiday. If you would bother to look into the Encyclopedias, where the kosher gentiles are speaking, you would become aware of this. In the Encyclopedias the kosher gentiles are speaking and you can accept their testimony. The gentiles themselves say that Thanksgiving is a religious holiday. And therefore, it is ossur for a Jew to do anything that would distinguish this day from any other. And to eat turkey, in my humble opinion, would be avizraihu d’avodah zarah and is ya’harog v’al ya’avor. A person should do anything rather than participate in celebrating Thanksgiving because it’s like celebrating any other gentile religious day.

TAPE #38