Rav Avigdor Miller on The Blind Leading the Blind

Why does the whole world look up to the famous actors?

The “world” means all the בהמות, all the two-legged animals. Because they are all בהמות, so they look up to other בהמות. The בהמות respect the actors and entertainers, and they even give their children names after the actors. “Oooh, the actor said this, or the actor said that.” It doesn’t mean a thing to us. The actors mean absolutely nothing to us.

The truth is that actors are the lowest of the low. What does an actor do? Anybody who is an actor is false. What is he doing? He gets up and says words that he doesn’t mean, and he does all these actions that he doesn’t even intend. He’s just שקר וכזב. It’s a meshugeneh world. A world full of stupid people who look up to other stupid people!

We despise actors. We don’t care about them. We don’t care about what they say. To us, they’re the scum of the earth.

TAPE # 812