When Hashem created the world, what came first, the chicken or the egg?


It’s a big problem for the scientists, a problem they can’t answer. What came first? If the egg was first, then there was no mother to hatch it. But if the chicken was first, so how did the chicken come? It’s a problem for them.

And the answer is, both were first.  Hashem said, “Let there be chickens sitting on eggs.”  When the world was created, chickens were sitting on eggs at the very beginning of the world.  That’s the only way to solve the problem.  Otherwise there are too many contradictions.

When Hashem made the world, He made it ready, functioning. Right at the beginning of briyas haolam, He put metal into the earth; He put iron into the earth.  Trees we’re growing and rivers were flowing and chickens were sitting on eggs. Everything was put there. Just like when Adam HaRishon was created, he didn’t wait for someone to come along and give him a pair of eyes.  As soon as he was born, he had a pair of eyes.  As soon as he was born, he could talk.  And so as soon as the earth was created, it had everything that it needed.  ה’ ברא – He created, יש מאין – out of nothing; everything came into being immediately.  The whole world came into being, functioning immediately. And so the world came into being with chickens sitting on eggs.

TAPE # E-171

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