What is your opinion of the death sentence that was carried out in Florida with the consent of the Governor there?


I say everybody here ought to write a letter congratulating the Governor of Florida for carrying out the death sentence.  Everybody!  

I know there are a lot of fools right here today.  I’m telling you to your face.  There are a lot of damn fools who read the New York Times and sympathize with the murderer who was executed.  So you’re sympathizing with potential murderers of yourselves, chas v’shalom.  You’re fools!  You’re being led astray because you’re sleeping.  If you’d wake up, you’d write letters to the Governor in Florida saying, “We’re with you.  We wish you were President.”  That’s what you should do. That people should be so crazy in this country to do such things as to let murderers out for nothing! It shows they’re lunatics. What do lunatics do?  They continue to vote for the liberals.  

So you dumb Jews, you shotim, your own votes are killing you – actually killing you!  It’s not a mashal!  It’s shooting you down.  Your votes! Your votes are raising wicked judges who let off the criminals. It’s time for Jews to wake up and say, “We see what’s happening.  Our lives are in danger. The liberals are ruining the country.”

And so it’s time to throw our weight behind ousting the liberals. Whatever we can do to undermine them, by all means.

TAPE # 269 (June 1979)

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