Rav Avigdor Miller on the Dirty Jew and the Drunken Goy

How should I use the experience of being discriminated against because I am Jewish, in a positive way?

When we are discriminated against because we are Jews, you have to know that it’s a sign of aristocracy.  “Kol she’einu bi’Vi’hayah le’echol, einai mei’hem” (Chagigah 5a-5b). If you’re not persecuted by the goyim then you’re not part of mei’hem – you’re not part of the Am Yisroel. Hashem told Klal Yisroel, “Vi’histarti pu’nai mei’hem, Vi’hayah le’echol,” – I will hide my face from you and you will be devoured by the goyim (Devarim 31-17). How do you know that you are chosen by Hakodosh Boruch Hu? If you suffer degradation at the hands of the goyim. If you’re not devoured by the goyim then you’re not a real Jew. Being degraded by the Gentile nations is a sign of aristocracy. You’re a real Jew if you’re persecuted by the goyim. So if a goy on the street calls you a name – let’s say he calls you a dirty Jew – you should feel happy. Very happy! It’s a good sign. A very good sign. Hakodosh Boruch Hu is saying, “I have chosen you. You’re one of mine.” 

And an added benefit is that now you know who the goy really is. “Kol ha’posel, bi’mumo posel” (Kiddushin 70a). A dirty fellow will call other people dirty. I was once walking on the Bowery. This was about seventy years ago. I was walking on the Bowery and I saw this drunken goy. He could hardly walk. And he was disgusting.  A filthy and bad-smelling goy. He saw me and he yells out, “Dirty Jew.”  (The Rav chuckled) I couldn’t stand near him, he smelled so bad.

And so, Hakodosh Boruch Hu said to us that He’s going to make us distinct among the nations. And that’s why they’re going to hate you. The wicked always hate the good ones. All the wicked people of the world hate the Jews. And that’s because the Jews are the best people in the world. There’s no question about it. We are the most decent people, the most law-abiding people, the least criminal people. The Jews are the least violent people. The most charitable people. The Jews have all the good middos. Goyim in their entirety are devoted to immorality. I don’t want to say anything but even the old-time goyim of a hundred and fifty years ago were full of immorality. And violence. Every form of indecency. 

Boruch Hashem, she’hivdilanu min ha’to’im. You have to know that being a Jew means that you’re the best. You are the aristocrats of humanity. And therefore, al yipol lev adam bi’kirbo. Never feel sad if you’re being insulted. On the contrary, always feel happy that Hakodosh Boruch Hu has chosen you. When that low person insults you, you should say to yourself, “Boruch Elokeinu, she’bira’anu lich’vodo, vi’hivdilanu min ha’to’im.” He separated us from all those who are wandering after false gods and are therefore embarked in a direction that leads them to hevel va’rik and to Gehenim. Vi’chol Yisroel yesh la’hem cheilek li’olam habah. Boruch Hashem. 

TAPE # E-192