In your opinion, are the Hertz commentary on Chumash and the Soncino commentary on Tanach reliable enough to be used as an English commentary?


And the answer is, no. The Soncino commentary on chumash could be reliable if you wouldn’t look at the introduction. The introduction is no good. The commentary on chumash of Soncino is nothing but translations of selections from the rishonim. Nothing wrong. But you must tear out the introduction. But their commentary on Tanach,  on nevi’im and kesuvim,  is not good, definitely not good.

And the Hertz commentary is not reliable. Hertz constantly brings down bible critics, gentiles, in his commentary. Although Hertz himself wasn’t an apikores by any means, but still it’s flavored in such a way that it’s not palatable for shomrei Torah. So we don’t recommend these two books. The Hertz on chumash and even Hertz on the siddur. And also the Soncino on nevi’im and kesuvim. By all means you should not buy them. And as far as the Soncino on Chumash, if you want you can buy it, but you must tear out the introduction.
TAPE # 209 (May 1974)

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