What is this עין הרע  concept that I always hear people talking about?


 I spoke about עין הרע  many times already. עין הרע  is when a person parades his success in front of others. He parades his prosperity for others to see. It hurts other people. Are you that insensitive to other people’s feelings?! It hurts other people. That’s all. It’s a צער. Not everybody is as successful as you are. So make sure not to parade your good fortune in front of others.

That’s why when you’re walking in the street and here’s a man sitting in a wheelchair. He can’t walk anymore. He once used to be able to walk in the street like you. And now he can’t walk. As you come close to him, walk slowly. Walk slowly as you go by. You have to be careful with his feelings. And you’re going to parade your good fortune of having two fully functioning legs, in front of this man?! When you get further out and he can’t see you anymore, then you can walk fast again. And by the way, don’t miss that very important opportunity to thank Hashem that you’re able to walk. And say it with your mouth. Don’t just think the words. That’s laziness. Say, “I thank you, Hashem, for my healthy feet. I’m so happy that I can walk and that I don’t need to use a wheelchair to get around.” But when you pass by him, walk slowly. He shouldn’t see you striding past, showing off your strength. You should never parade you good fortune before someone less fortunate than you. A person has feelings and you have to always be considerate of those feelings. That’s why it’s very important to never parade your success before anybody else.

It’s a צער. And don’t be מצער  other people. Don’t distress others with your success, with your happiness.

                                                      TAPE #E-172

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