How does one acquire אמונה חושית, real palpable אמונה  in the existence of Hashem?


We were talking about that tonight. Listen to what we said and think it over. That’s one of the ways.

However, one of the ways that I must mention is תפילה. The more you talk to
הקדוש ברוך הוא  with all your heart, the more הקדוש ברוך הוא  allows you to feel that you’re speaking to Him. It’s very important. Say, אתה שומע. You Hashem. You Hashem are listening to me. “Oh, Hashem! You’re listening to me! אתה! You! I’m really talking to You!” So Hashem says, “You’re saying that. If you’re saying that, then I’m going to make you really feel that I’m listening to you.”

So you say כי אתה שומע. You are listening to me! And Hashem says, “Oh, that’s wonderful! It’s beautiful that you say that!” So many people are saying these words and they’re not listening at all to what they’re saying. And that’s a tragedy. A real tragedy. Saying אתה   is such a wonderful opportunity for gaining אמונה חושית. And so many people are not using that opportunity.

You have to train yourself. When you talk to Hashem, you say  ברוך אתה ה׳  “I bend my knees to You.” To You! I’m talking to You! You is a terrible word. From where do you get the boldness to say “You” to Hashem?! It’s a boldness. But He gives you permission because you are his child. You’re His son. You’re His daughter. So you can say, “You Hashem.”

You have to think about that. By saying, “You Hashem,” you can gain אמונה חושית. Now, there are other ways as well. But תפילה  is one of the great ways, if done properly.

                                                        TAPE #E-176

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