At night, right before we go to sleep, we make the Hamapil blessing thanking Hashem for sleep. Can you explain to us the purpose of that blessing?


Sleep is one of the biggest benefits that we enjoy in our lives.  Sweet sleep is more important than medicines because at nighttime your worn-out nerves become mended.  Everything in the body is restored by sleep.  That’s why it’s good, if you’re not well chalilah, sleep all you can.  Even in the daytime.  Sleep and sleep and sleep.

Sleep a miracle.  Why do you fall asleep?  All of a sudden, you lie on the pillow and you fall asleep.  It’s a nes.  And while you’re asleep, all good things are happening. And therefore, when you make that blessing you should appreciate that gift because some people unfortunately cannot sleep.  It’s a tragedy.

Now, at the end of that blessing we thank Hashem “who illuminates the world with light.” Which means:  We are going to sleep with one hope – that Hakodosh Boruch Hu should once more give us a chance tomorrow.  “Hashem, we’re going to sleep and we look like we are dead.  We beg You, revive us tomorrow morning and once more let us see the light of day.”

Now, why mention the light of day? Because the light of day is the glory that bespeaks the presence of Hashem.  That needs to be explained.  The light of day that spreads over the face of the earth when the sun rises, that’s that kvod Hashem. The malachim say, “ברוך כבוד ה’ ממקומו,” when they see it coming it out.  And we hope to see the light of day tomorrow.  We say to Hashem, “Please Hashem, we thank You for giving us the gift of sleep, but please, please, please, revive us tomorrow morning!  We should once more see the light of day!”  המאיר לעולם כולו בכבודו.

Now, suppose it happens! Suppose you open your eyes and you see the light of day! Oh, is that a simcha!  You should be excited!  מודה אני לפניך – I thank You, מלך חי וקיים – O’ King who lives forever and endures, שהחזרת בי נשמתי בחמלה – You returned my life to me with compassion, רבה אמונתך – how great is Your steadfastness!  

How great should be our happiness every morning!  Another day!  You mean to say I get to wake up again!  I remember once there was a member in my synagogue who went to sleep.  In the morning, his wife came and said, “Mordechai!  Wake up!”  Mordechai didn’t move.  “Mordechai, wake up!”  He didn’t move.  It was all over.

And therefore, if you can move in the morning, how happy you should be! המחזיר נשמות לפגרים – He restores the soul to the dead bodies!  How happy we are in the morning!  Once more we have a chance to look at the sunlight and say, ברוך אתה השם יוצר המאורות – We thank You, Hashem, for the sunlight.

And therefore, when we go to sleep at night, keep in mind that you have to pray to Hashem for tomorrow.  Don’t take it for granted!  This happened to a young man, by the way.  Mordechai was a young man.  Don’t take it for granted!

So pray for tomorrow.  And when the tomorrow comes, be enthusiastic in expressing your gratitude.

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