How can one happily accept the nisayon of a large family living in a small house?


So let’s picture forty years from now. All of your children are married and you are alone in that house. And now you look back to the good old days when everybody was together. Ohh! You yearn once more for the happiness of yachad, when the family was together.

Now your sons and daughters are married and the house is empty. Even if they live near you – most of the time they don’t live near you; they live in Lakewood; some in Yerushalayim – but even if they live near you it’s not the same. Once upon a time every child was close to you; it’s a rachmanus now on the old people. Now they look back and see how they didn’t understand; that was the time to be happy. It was a small house? Alright, so you were close together; what about it?

And therefore, think about the future when you won’t be together anymore and try to enjoy life right now.

TAPE # E-139

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