The Rav told us tonight that the Jewish communities in the times of the Beis Ha’mikdash were communities of kedusha. You said that there were many tzadikim who counted every word that came out of their mouths. Were the women of ancient Yerushalayim really better than the women of today? Did they really speak less than the frum women of today?


Absolutely. No question about it. What do you think?! If there is a society in which people are striving for perfection, a society in which the men are counting their words, do you think that only the men are counting their words?! Their wives counted their words. Their daughters counted their words. Their mothers counted their words. Everybody became better.  You should know that, in general, when men are good, the women are also good. There’s no such thing as men having shleimus without their wives. Shleimus is contagious. All good midos are contagious.

So you be sure to do your part in making your home a beis ha’mikdash and be sure to lead yourself bi’derech ha’torah and bi’derech ha’kedusha and it will be contagious. And therefore, you must know, that whatever good things chazal tell us about the men, you can be sure that the women and girls in the Jewish homes shared in all the good qualities of ancient times.

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