Internet is being used more and more in day to day living. How are we to approach using the Internet?


Internet is the same as narcotics. It’s the same as dope. And anybody who starts up with narcotics for no reason is looking for trouble. Now, in certain situations, narcotics might be called for. But you’ll do it under the care of a doctor and even then it’s not healthy. It’s not safe.

And therefore, just like we are have to train people today to not purchase a piece of meat unless they know that has a proper hechsher – you can’t just go out and buy a piece of meat from any butcher. Even some kosher butchers are not really kosher. You have to watch out.

And even more than kashrus we have to teach people that narcotics are worse than treifos. Narcotics are worse than ham. Narcotics are worse than eating ham. And we have to teach that to people. It’s sakanas nefoshos. And when something is a question of safety it must be taken in the most serious way.

Now, Internet you should know is the same as narcotics. It’s dangerous and has to be used only as needed and with great care. They wanted to put my tapes on the Internet. I would be willing to let people listen but I said nothing doing. I don’t want to encourage people to use the Internet freely. No, nothing doing. A wealthy man came to me recently and wanted to do this for me – to have my tapes on the Internet. So I told him, “Nothing doing.” He used to donate money to the Yeshiva once upon a time. But now, when I told him “no,” he stopped coming to donate money. So what?! I don’t care. I don’t care at all. Internet is not for me.

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