Rav Avigdor Miller on the Italian in the Ambulance

The Rav said earlier that we should habituate ourselves into being  מתפלל  for the חולה  when we see an ambulance drive by with the sirens on. But you mentioned that we should say, “Ribono Shel Olam, if it’s a Yid in the ambulance, please send him a רפואה שלמה.” What about others who might be in the ambulance?

Non-Jews you mean? You’re asking me about an Italian?! Look, an Italian is standing in the street and an ambulance is passing by with the siren on. And he knows that there’s an Italian inside the ambulance. Does he pray for his fellow Italian? Do you even suspect that he’ll pray for the Italian?! So אל תהי צדיק הרבה. Don’t be such a big tzadik.

Let’s say there was a black man standing right here and he knows that there is a black man in the ambulance. Would he pray for that black man? He’s not praying for him. He’s not even thinking about him. So, don’t be such a big tzadik.

But for a Jew, that’s what you have to do. For a fellow Jew you have a special responsibility. A fellow Jew is a קדוש. And it’s your חיוב   to love – [At this point the tape ended וחבל על דאבדן]

TAPE #E-172