Why did the Rav choose to mention the Jewish Press as the newspaper of choice to secretly send to an intermarried couple in order to mikareiv them to Yiddishkeit?


Because I think that the Jewish Press is a good newspaper for people who are intermarried. It could have a good effect on them. Yes, it definitely could.
And I want to tell you something else. The Jewish Press does good things too. Some years ago I got some scientists and some professors together to make an official declaration that Hashem created the world. It was a declaration by scientists that all the available evidence proves that Hashem created the world. I still have copies of that. And the Jewish Press gave us free of charge a half page ad to publish it. That’s a big ad. So they do good things too. Try to get one of the other newspapers to do that. What other newspaper will give you a half page ad, free of charge?!

It was a half-page signed by scientists, doctors and professors. And they all signed a declaration stating that all the evidence that we have available to us shows that Hashem created the world. It was a kiddush Hashem and they printed it for nothing. So don’t criticize them too much. Don’t think that they’re nothing. Rav Shalom Klass, a’lav ha’shalom, did good work.

TAPE #E-234

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