Considering what you spoke about tonight, that our acts in this world are eternal, so how can teshuva reverse the deeds of wickedness?


Now, that you have to know is a very big problem. And that’s why teshuva is considered one of the great kindlinesses of Hashem. It’s a great chesed and a great neis. Teshuva means that Hashem is going to step into the process of history and He’s going to cause things to disappear from history.

Now that’s something that is beyond our ability to explain. That’s why when we say ברוך אתה השם הרוצה בתשובה – We thank You Hashem, the One who wants repentance, we have to understand the full impact of that blessing. That You Hashem are willing to accept teshuva! You are the One who makes teshuva because You erase the stain that we created on our souls. And it’s something that nobody can explain. Only that it’s one of the great miracles that Hakodosh Boruch Hu accomplishes and therefore we should appreciate how great is the kindness of teshuva.
TAPE # 378

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