Should a wealthy father-in-law support his son-in-law in Kollel even if he’s not such a serious learner?


You have to know that today, when you leave the yeshivait’s like going out of the teivah of Noach. Suppose somebody wanted to leave the teivah in the middle of the Mabul, what would you say? Outside, there is a Mabul today. Not a Mabul of water, but a Mabul of filth, of wickedness. And therefore, the longer he is in the Kollel, the better off he is. 

Now, if you can teach him a parnasa while he’s in the Kollel so that gradually he can go into a decent living and then maybe he’ll be able to establish himself in a good, frum neighborhood with a parnasa – even better. Whatever it is, as long as he can he should be in the Kollel. He should get married from the yeshiva and stay in the yeshiva so that the first years are Kollel years. And his wife gets accustomed to being a Kollel wife and the children are Kollel children. What happens later, we’ll see. But at first keep him in the Kollel as long as you could afford to keep him there.
TAPE # E-102

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