Rav Avigdor Miller on The Mabul



How did the marine mammals survive the great flood?


The marine mammals did not have to suffer from the flood because they were able to swim around and if they wanted to go up for air for a few moments at a time they could do that too. There were plenty of logs floating around. There were whole forests of broken down trees floating in the water and therefore amphibians were able to utilize them. Seals and walruses were able to use these floating islands when they needed to. Whales don’t have to go on land; they can continue to live in the water. So no fish were destroyed by the Mabul; the amphibians were able to utilize the great islands of flooding debris.

Human beings would be able to live on these islands but because human beings need food it would have been impossible. They also couldn’t exist because of the pounding rains and the waging waves – there were great waves: ויגברו המים – the waters grew powerful; great shock waves travelled across the face of the deep and these waves knocked off any person who tried to find refuge on floating logs.

But amphibians don’t mind that. If a wave would hit a walrus and knock it into the water, he doesn’t mind it at all. And therefore, there’s no problem.
TAPE # 551 (June 1985)


How could all the land animals enter the teivah? 


If you read my book “Behold a People” you’ll see that the calculations of the teivah are set out there. If the teivah was laid out tier by tier and room by room, it would be as long as Manhattan Island. It’s twenty one miles long – even longer. Twenty one miles of cages are enough to house all the land animals and the birds; all the species we have on this world.

Subsequently, after the Mabul, when they went out, so by means of breeding, many more forms of the same animals developed. We know that by breeding sometimes dogs can be bred to be big or little – it’s not evolution because they they could all interbreed as one species. And so by breeding, various forms of the same species develop and that’s how you found various forms of gazelle and deer, but they all come from the original pair of deer.

And therefore, every kind of land animal that was necessary fit into the teivah. And not only that, but there was place for food for all of them, besides place for humans. If you read “Behold a People” you’ll see the calculations and you’ll see that there was space aplenty for everybody.
TAPE # 551 (June 1985)