How do we answer this question that some ask on the Torah: “If all the animals in the world today came out of the teivah, how did they spread to all the continents which are separated by water?”


Now this question, don’t think it’s a question on us.  It’s a question that the evolutionists are not able to answer themselves. They’re bothered by that question because they don’t say it happened by accident that a lion developed from nothing in Asia and that the same accident also happened separately on other continents.  Such an accident like a lion couldn’t happen twice.  They don’t say by accident there were birds with a certain plumage in North America and the same birds with the same plumage also accidentally arose in South America.  No.  So what happened?  So they say that all of them at one time were in one place and that they began to spread.

Now the question is, how could they spread from one continent to another if the land masses are separated by oceans?  So the scientists invented the following idea.  And if they invented it, we could use it too.  They said there were land bridges once.  Once upon a time the continents touched each other.

Now that’s not too unusual because in the Bering Strait, in the north where Canada and Siberia come very close together, it’s only thirty miles in between them.  And at that time, they claim, that there was a land bridge.  Eventually it was swept away by the ocean and it became open water.  

Now over this land bridge, they say – I’m saying what they say; we can’t be more frum than the apikorsim are – they say that Mankind came from wherever their original source was and they traveled over the land bridges. They didn’t spring up all over the world at once; they came to various places; they say that they came to China and then they went north to Russia and to Siberia and then they crossed over the Bering Strait.  That’s why the Eskimos resemble the Japanese, the Mongolians. Because they came from Mongolia, across the Bering Strait.

And so we could say the same thing too.  We could agree with them – why not?  And also animals at that time came across.

So once upon a time, there were land bridges in a number of places.  And these land bridges, the evolutionists must have, otherwise they cannot explain anything.  It’s not we are saying that – they are saying that.  And as I said before, we don’t have to be more frum than they are and therefore we also say, at the time when the teivah opened up and all the animals went out, the land bridges were there and they spread all over the earth. And eventually the land bridges disappeared.

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After the mabul, who set up the ecology so that the penguins are in the South Pole and the cougars in North America and so on?


And the answer is, after the mabul all the living things began to spread.  And each one gravitated towards the climate that was most suited for him.  And so those animals that preferred the temperate zones gravitated gradually to those areas; not in one week, but over time they migrated towards those zones.

And you can ask the same question:  How did they come from the temperate zones or from cold zones to the teivah?  How did they all come?  

So you must say that they all concentrated into the place where the teivah was because Hakodosh Boruch Hu put into them a certain migration spirit.  Like you see there is in birds a spirit of migration that they can travel sometimes two thousand miles or more unerringly and they go from their nests to the place where they nested last year.

Now how the birds do that, that’s a different question.  That’s still being debated and nobody has solved that problem fully but it’s a fact that it happens that way. And Hakodosh Boruch Hu put that certain instinct into the animals at that time; they were given a certain homing instinct that brought them there.

And when the mabul was over, they were given an instinct to go back to their natural habitats.

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