How can we see how Hashem manipulates history today?


You know, if you walk into a museum with your eyes are shut tight, and you ask, “How can you see anything? I don’t see a thing here!” so that’s nobody’s fault but yours. The world is full of things to see if you’ll just do yourself a favor and open up your eyes. On every side, history is being manipulated for us.

Now, I spoke about the following a number of times, but because some refuse to open up their eyes, so I say it again. Why is it that children were massacred in Eretz Yisroel? (The murder by Arab terrorists in Ma’alot of twenty two children occurred in April 1974). Isn’t it because the Israeli government is spiritually massacring not twenty, but hundreds of thousands of children. If you take children and teach them that there is no G-d – that’s what they’re being taught in Eretz Yisroel – is that not a massacre of children?! If you take Jewish children that come from Teiman and Morocco and elsewhere and you cut off their payos and you teach them to eat tarfus, to eat pork – that’s what they’re doing there! Are you going to deny open facts?!

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish children are being systematically being led away at this moment. That’s one of the biggest jobs, it’s one of the biggest projects of the Israeli government. The Absorbtion Ministry, one of the most important ministries, their job is to see to it that the Jews entering into Medinas Yisroel should be processed and made into atheists. It’s happening to the Russian Jews now.

So if some children are massacred, isn’t that a gentle hint that you are massacring them in a worse way?! גדול המחטיאו יותר מההורגו – “When you lead somebody astray, it’s worse than killing him.” Isn’t that Hakodosh Boruch Hu manipulating history? Of course, if you want to close your eyes and not see anything, so all you’ll see is the wicked terrorists and the wicked U.N. Of course they’re wicked – do we need more proofs that the Arabs are wicked, that the U.N. is wicked?! That the gentiles are wicked; we don’t need any proofs for that. That’s not the lesson here. Hakodosh Boruch Hu is not sending us this for that purpose! But we do need to be made aware of what is taking place under the aegis, under the auspices, of Jews in an atheistic country! 

And there are hundreds of such phenomena. And if we would study them with open eyes we would see that Hashem is manipulating history and He’s doing it only for us – to teach us. הלא יוכיח – “Isn’t Hashem showing us something? המלמד אדם דעת – Isn’t He doing it because He wants to teach us something?”
TAPE # 61 (April 1974)

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