How should we react when we hear about these hostile attacks by the Arabs? What message are we being sent?


Look, I’m not saying that the message is that we should therefore walk across the border with outstretched arms to embrace the Arabs and make peace – because most likely they’ll greet us with gunfire.

But there is a message from Hashem that we have things to fix inside of Eretz Yisroel. A lot of things.  Maybe, for instance, we have to start pressing for the observance of Shabbos in the Land of Israel. The Torah says, “Michalileha mos yumos” – those who profane the Shabbos will be put to death. The Torah says that. And the Gemara says “Af al pi she’batlu Sanhedrin,” although we do not have a Sanhedrin to execute sinners today, “din arbah misos lo batlu,” the judgement will still be carried out. So maybe when men fall at the border, or when a hand grenade is thrown into a bus, or when people are gunned down in Tel- Aviv, maybe we should think, maybe we should suspect – and it’s a reasonable suspicion – that maybe Hakodosh Boruch Hu is carrying out what He said He would do. If buses publically travel on Shabbos and if the Ministry of Labor is giving out permits to so many factories to allow them to open on Shabbos – so many factories are open in Eretz Yisroel on Shabbos! A lot of factories, with the explicit permission of the government. In the Land of Israel, it is now accepted to profane the Shabbos! We should think about this!

Maybe we should think about all the recent immigrants from Georgia who are begging to be allowed to raise their children in Orthodox schools but the government won’t allow them. Maybe we should consider that the government must change its policy of taking the immigrants out to irreligious kibbutzim where there are no Orthodox schools. And the government is forcing immigrant families to go there. When the new immigrants have protested and said that they want to be placed in religious towns, the government has responded with threats, warning the immigrants that if they won’t go to live where they are sent, they will not get any work. This is all a fact – it’s not deniable. And that’s why the children of the Moroccan immigrants have all turned out to be irreligious.  Although they came to Eretz Yisroel with payos and were children of Orthodox parents. Because government policy is to see to it that religion is stamped out in Israel. And hundreds of thousands of Jewish children have been weaned from keeping the Torah because that’s the policy.

They’re destroying Jewish souls! So maybe, if you’re destroying Jewish souls, that’s why Jewish bodies are being destroyed. It’s really not hard, not difficult at all, to look for reasons for why things are happening. Of course, if you don’t have ears, so you say, “Well, this is nothing. Every new state has troubles. Growing pains. They have battles in the beginning. For the first hundred years they have to battle.”
But the truth is that it’ll never get better. And it will get worse and worse. So there are plenty of messages being sent by Hakodosh Boruch Hu that we have to listen to.

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