Why is it that out of all animals, it’s monkeys that resemble man most?


And the answer is that if you make a blood analysis, you’ll discover that there are some animals whose blood resembles human blood more than monkey’s blood does.  A monkey has no more intelligence than a dog. In fact, the porpoise – it’s a marine mammal  – can learn more tricks than a monkey. We shouldn’t be deceived by the fact that a monkey in a certain manner resembles a human being.  In intelligence, he is no better than other animals.

The fact is that in circuses they have trained porpoises to come out of the water and balance balls on their nose.  They leap over certain hurdles and they can do tricks – remarkable things they’ve been taught to do and they’re considered intelligent marine mammals, if animals could be called intelligent. But monkeys, no matter how much you try, you’ll never teach them to do what a human being has to do. Even what a seven-year-old boy or a three-year-old boy can do, a monkey will never learn to do.

Of course, there’s a big ballyhoo in the magazines.  They say monkeys have been trained to do this and they’re making progress and soon who knows what’s going to happen?! I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. Thousands of years will pass by and they’ll still be a plain monkeys.

And why they resemble human beings?  Well, resemblance doesn’t mean anything. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be deceived by the claims of evolutionists.  This has nothing to do with evolution.
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