Many times a mother-in-law might have some constructive criticism for her daughter-in-law. Can she call her son and the son could take it up with his wife?


The question is, can a mother-in-law relay suggestions through her son?

It’s important that the wife shouldn’t have the slightest suggestion that it came from her mother-in-law — and wives are usually able to sniff that out.  And therefore, mothers who feed suggestions to their sons, that’s one of the ways to cause trouble. 

The best thing would be to forget about it.  Let your daughter-in-law’s house be bedlam; let it be confusion. Never mind – don’t mix in!  It’s much better than what you could contribute. All you contribute is hostility because every mother-in-law thinks that it’s so.  She always has suggestions; and therefore the best suggestion is to say nothing at all.

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