Rav Avigdor Miller on The New York Times Versus The Daily News

Is it better for me to read the New York Times or the Daily News? 

Look, if you’re asking me for a heter to read newspapers, I’m not going to give that to you. They’re both full of garbage. But the New York Times is the worst newspaper in the country, so the Daily News is certainly superior, no question about it.

The reason for that is because the Daily News caters to construction workers, while the Times caters to the liberals. Now, the people who edit the Daily News are also brilliant people; they don’t choose dumbbells to write the editorials. But because they are brilliant, they are adept at slanting all the editorials towards these rough fellows in Bensonhurst.

And you can be sure that these tough guys in Bensonhurst have more sense than the college professors have, no question about that! All the fundamental values of humanity have been corrupted by the liberals, and yet theses values still have some validity among the construction workers. They still know that there is such a thing as loyalty to a government. Loyalty to the government is a very important principle of character, whereas the college students have been trained by their teachers to be disloyal. Every college professor feels it’s a virtue to give another dig to undermine the government. And that’s a very big mistake. It’s a wickedness of character to want to undermine the government. Now, that might not be understandable to those who were brought up the other way, but that’s the derech hatorah.

And therefore, a paper that caters to those who still cling to at least some vestiges of the principles of humanity, is certainly better than the newspaper that had made it a crusade of theirs to undermine everything that upholds the stability of mankind, and that’s the New York Times.
TAPE # 74 (May 1975)