Is there an obligation for Jews to delve into nature in order to see Hakodosh Boruch Hu or is it enough to learn Torah?


It’s an obligation. The Chovos Halevovos says it’s an obligation – but not because this study is the basis for his emunah. A Jew has already inherited the national attitudes of emunah;  the whole Jewish nation has inherited these attitudes — that’s our history, that’s our tradition.  But anything which fortifies, which strengthens, a man’s mind should be utilized. It’s an obligation.

It’s the same chiyuv you have to learn Chovos Halevovos and Mesillas Yesharim; that’s also an obligation. You’ll say, why do I need these wonderful seforim if I learn gemara?  The answer is, whatever makes you stronger in your emunah is a mitzvah, a chov. And therefore when a person sees these things in nature, when he sees these phenomena that fortify him – the dandelion and the leaf and the clouds and everything – all the things that show wisdom and purposefulness, all the phenomena of this world that show a whole world is full of plan and purpose, certainly it’s a responsibility upon him to do that.
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