Someone told me that there were two nevi’im called Yeshayah. Is that true?


Some apikorus told this person that a study of the Tanach shows that there were two different neviim who said the nevuahs of Yeshayah. And the answer is that this has already been exploded by all the great authorities.  There’s no such thing.  There’s only one Yeshayah.

Now let me explain.  They’re misled by the fact that the first part of Yeshayah was not as lyrical and poetic as the latter part.  And so therefore the apikorsim who are always seeking to break up the Tanach into layers and sections and so on, so say there are two Yeshayahs.  But it’s ridiculous.  There’s only one Yeshayah.  Yeshayah Hanavi started when he was young; and even though the nevuah came min hashamayim but kol navi venavi misnabei besignon acher, every prophet one has his own signon, his own style. And Yeshayah in the beginning had a serious signon, a more pashut and simple style.  As he became older and developed, he became a mevaser of yeshuos.  Hakodosh Boruch Hu chose him and gave him a lyrical shirah, and he developed the ability to speak in those glorious terms that are a nechamah; nachamu nachamu ami.  But it’s the same Yeshayah.  It’s been proven already by great authorities that it’s the same one.

Now if I had the time I’d go into details and show one of the arguments and how they exploded this theory.  But I won’t waste any time now.  It’s enough to know that it has been demonstrated by our chokrim that it’s a false accusation.  There’s only one Yeshayah.

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