How did Hashem become Hashem?


A child asks, who made Hashem? Let me explain something.  Suppose you were walking in the desert and you see on a rock, there’s an inscription there: “Kilroy was here.” Now, even if that inscription is not found on any other rock, still, it’s a fact. Kilroy was there.  The fact that it’s not found on any other rock, that doesn’t interest us.  He was there.

This world is so complicated in every detail, it’s insane to think it happened by itself.  Every object in the world testifies to an infinite intelligence that made it. If you know something about molecular biology, you see that the configurations of the molecule are so intensely complicated that such a thing couldn’t happen in that way even once in millions and billions of chances. And there are such configurations that need sometimes 500 or 1000 of them one after the other and each one couldn’t happen even once in billions of chances.

And so it’s out of the question for anybody with a little bit of common sense not to recognize that the world is made by a Creator. And the evolutionists are insane. Why are they doing it?  Because they will just not agree to the principle that there is a Borei. But for the Borei, there’s a scientific explanation – that’s the only scientific explanation.  And therefore they think of crazy ideas and theories and none of them have any substance at all.  Therefore evolution today is a lost cause.  Only it is continued because that’s the only way they can continue to fight back against the overpowering evidence that the world is made by a tremendous wisdom, by a Creator.

Now, once we established that Kilroy was there, it makes no difference if Kilroy was tall or short, skinny or fat.  He was there! You understand that? Once you know there’s a Borei, questions like “Who made the Borei?” are unimportant questions.  There was a Borei! There is an infinite intelligence that made the world. That’s all we want to know. 

Who made the Borei?  That’s not the question; that question doesn’t mean anything to us.  Was there a Borei? That’s the question. And the answer is, absolutely.  Positively! Everything in the world says so. 

And therefore there’s a Borei and that’s all we have to know.  Such questions like, “What does He look like?” or “Is He tall or short?” that doesn’t interest us at all.  Who made the Borei?  It’s a childish question.  The question is, is there a Borei? Absolutely. There’s no fact in the world that is as openly demonstrated in the world, in nature, as the fact that the world is made by a Borei and therefore all the apikorsim are going to have to pay for this in Gehinom because they’re going against the most simple common sense.  They’re fighting tooth and nail to defend their silly theories; but when we, the people who live with the knowledge that Hakodosh Boruch Hu bara shamayim va’aretz and we see it corroborated by every fact in the universe then we’re the ones who can laugh at the world who don’t see anything.

TAPE # E-190

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